City of Trenton Regular Council Meeting video 7pm Jan. 7th, 2018

Monday, January 7, 2019
Regular Council Meeting

City of Trenton Regular Council Meeting at 7:00 P.M.
A. Opening
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Minute Approval: December 17, 2018 Regular Meeting
B. Presentations and Proclamations
1. Employee Anniversary Certificates
C. Bid Openings
1. None.
D. Petitions
1. None.
E. Appointments
1. None.
F. Authorities, City Commissions, Boards, Committees
G. General
1. Trenton Visionary Committee/Grosse Ile Civic Association: Opposition of Rezoning former McLouth Property to I-3
2. Trenton, Grosse Ile and Riverview Residents: Opposition of Rezoning former McLouth Property to I-3
3. 33rd District Court: Fines, Costs, Fees November 2018
4. 33rd District Court: Line Item Adjustments, 2018 Budget
H. Groups and Organizations
1. None.
I. Department Heads & Officials
1. City Controller: Notice of Approval – OPEB Corrective Action Plan 2017
2. City Controller: Protecting Local Government Retirement and Benefit Act Application for Waiver and Plan Form 5583 Defined Benefit Pension Retirement System, MERS Plan
3. City Controller: Quarterly Budget Meetings and Financial Update
4. City Engineer: Petition to Divide Property, 2906 Lafayette, Cleland
5. Parks and Recreation Director: New Marina Contract Approval
J. Late Communications
1. SEMCOG: 2019 Membership Dues
K. Disbursements and Statements
1. Authorized Disbursements, January 7, 2019 ($666,157.91)
L. Reports
1. Historical Commission Minutes, November 12, 2018
M. Other Council Business
1. Comments from the Council and Officials
N. Closing
1. Public Comment
2. Adjourn
O. Information Items
1. Comcast: MGM TV Channel Updates
2. WOW: Cost Increases Effective February 1, 2019
3. Stronghold Church: Thank You for Participation in 2018 Trunk or Treat

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