November 20th, 2017 Trenton City Council Meeting

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Monday, November 20, 2017
Regular Council Meeting
Inauguration Ceremony at 6:00 P.M.
City of Trenton Regular Council Meeting at 7:00 P.M.
A. Inauguration Ceremony at 6:00 p.m.
1. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG Led by Boy Scouts of America Troop #1721
2. Call to Order
3. Invocation by Father William Promesso, St. Cyprian Catholic Church
4. City Clerk Devitt to administer the Oath of Office to Timber R. Baun-Crooks, Councilwoman; Richard A. Benedetti, Councilman; and Steven J. Rzeppa, Councilman.
5. Remarks
6. Adjourn
B. Opening
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Minute Approval: November 6, 2017 Regular Meeting
C. Presentations and Proclamations
1. Fire Chief: Award to Candice Pisarzewski
2. Plante & Moran: Audit Report
3. Gabriel Roeder Smith: OPEB Valuation and GASB 74 Report
D. Bid Openings
1. None.
E. Petitions
1. None.
F. Appointments
1. Traffic Safety Commission
G. Authorities, City Commissions, Boards, Committees
1. None.
H. General
1. 33rd District Court: Fines, Costs, Fees, October 2017
2. 33rd District Court: Proposed 2018 Court Budget
I. Groups and Organizations
1. Trenton High School Rotary Interact Club: Annual Jingle Drive
J. Department Heads & Officials
1. City Clerk: Proposed 2018 Council Meeting Schedule
2. City Administrator: Downriver Community Conference and Downriver Mutual Aid Annual Membership Dues
K. Late Communications
1. Parks and Recreation Director: Trenton Summer Festival Entertainment
2. Parks and Recreation Director: Senior Transportation Vehicle Replacement Recommendation
L. Disbursements and Statements
1. Authorized Disbursements, November 20, 2017 ($942,309.85); B & D Vacuum ($10.00)
2. Authorized ACH Transactions, October 2017 ($1,349,268.13)
M. Reports
1. Financial Summary, October 31, 2017
2. Schedule of Investments and Cash on Hand, October 31, 2017
3. Historical Commission Minutes, October 9, 2017
4. Fire Department Monthly Report, October 2017
5. Police Department Monthly Report, October 2017
N. Other Council Business
1. Comments from the Council and Officials
O. Closing
1. Public Comment
2. Adjourn
P. Information Items
1. Comcast: International Channel Package Launch (11/02/2017); Channel Lineup Changes (11/07/2017); Price Changes (11/13/2017)

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